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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. they are called blue light phones, we will tell you why the aging system is raising safety concerns and why the coming storm may make the situation worse. the next one will not be until tonight, there could be some heavy totals to the north and here is more on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning to you, it is thursday november 29th, i am dave clark. we have a little bit of a break, windy and mild and all because of that strong southeast wind and it looks to be an impressive system up on the north coast and has a ways
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to go before it gets here. there is already rain in mendocino county and you don't have to worry about your morning commute because it is going to be windy, here is tara. this is a look at highway 24, you can see we are getting some congestion as the folks are going towards the caldecott tunnel this morning. we have a high wind advisory up in the bay bridge, traffic 101 is headed very nicely, let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of palo alto where police are searching for a man who reportedly entered a young woman's apartment early this morning. jeanine della vega is talking about a very frightening experience, jeanine? >> reporter: police have this area blocked off, that is downtown palo alto and they are
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inside investigating as to how a male intruder got into one of the apartments here. police got the call and she said she woke up and found a manwareing - man wearing dark clothing and she started screaming. police brought in a canine to search the area but they did not find the man. police are looking into the possibility that she may have been sexually assaulted. >> we are trying to get as much information from her as we can and talking to neighbors and she is being very thorough. >> reporter: at this point we don't know how the intruder entered the apartment or if he took anything, and while police are alerting neighbors, they are planning on alerting everybody as to what happened. they are trying to get a more
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detailed suspect description because at this point, his race is unknown, able and what he looks like and all that is told was he is a male with dark clothing. for now jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. an anonymous tip led police to arrest a wanted man after a standoff. they went into a house near hawley park where the man was hiding. he was wanted for assaulting a police officer after he allegedly rammed the patrol car with which he escaped. they to the a tip he was hide willing in a nearby house. >> they called in a tactical team. that s.w.a.t. team moved in about 10:45, they did capture him and take him
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into custody. he is a parole ian they did have a warn out for his arrest. problems with the san jose phones has some of the students worried about their safety. claudine wong is at the university to tell us what is wrong and what is being tonight to fix those phones, claudine in. >> well the eye tee is safe and if could you run, it would get you to a dispatch and they could get you help. a student who was stabbed off campus used one of these phones to call for help. here is the problem, a lot of these phones break down quite a bit. i am not even sure if this phone is working. the lights are supposed to be flashing. i asked the san francisco police department if this phone
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was asking and to be perfectly honest, i didn't want to press the button because it is like calling 911. when they find out it is not working they will put a big sign on it. but when there is rain, they are looking for a quick fix. they are looking at this problem they want fixed. we will be dealing with the police department this morning and we are trying to talk to students and we will keep you updated on this story on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. later today, they are voting whether to recognize the palestinians as a non member state. they are celebrating and why
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the obama administration continues to move. and they are talking about newly elected president mohamed morsi. it gives him new sweeping powers and is not in the spirit of the rev -- spirit of the revolution that pushed out former president hosni mubarak. he will respond to criticism. and we are back on storm watch this morning and a second group of storms will hit the bay this afternoon. steve paulson is warning the rain could cause flooding of rivers and creaks. they all have their workers and heavy machinery out stationed at napa creek. >> we will have staff stationed here to make sure any tee prix is cleared and water will
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continue to flow into the culvert. >> that culvert is part of the project and the flooding stage is 9 feet. rain and strong winds caused a big tree to topple down on to some power lines. >> it was a flash boom when the power went out. >> that was the scene yesterday morning. look at that, traffic was blocked for hours. it took them four hours to fit there so that the tree could be removed. and the next round of heavy rain will hit us and we will have more information on your mobile devices as well. we have a big-rig blocking a surface street in woodside and this is kings mountain road and crews have called in a tow truck and they have been trying
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to get this out for the past half hour, i just wanted you to be aware of it. towards southbound towards san francisco are the headlights you see and there are no delays. we have a high wind advisory in effect and traffic is starting to back up and those metering lights are getting ready and at the san mateo bridge. it is flowing on the right-hand side and let's check in with steve. it is mostly cloudy, san jose even up to napa, there are very few cool readings. now there has been some light rain in mendocino county and the rain will pick up later on and this is an evening or tonight and there could be some
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really good rainfall amounts up in points north. now the one is coming in tonight and we will have more on the weekend and after that things should start to improve. you are right there but still, we have a ways to if. it looks like up there, there is no tropical field. you can get some light rain and nothing too heavy and that tonight come in until later on. up in the mendocino county you can get some again and it will take awhile to get here but it is a slow mover. the rain returns tonight and some of that will be impressive. it will not surprise me, napa county north that would be late tonight into tomorrow, and today is that in between tie, but things will fall apart.
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with your weekend always in view, everything looks okayment. san jose has a new attraction. take a look at this, why this medal sculpture may help us learn more about climate change. two fires are starting to raise concerns. and it is being punished by environmental regulators, stay tuned, we will explain.
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. two weeks ago bp agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay 4 million in fines. and they are now confirming what a survivor said about a fire that killed more than 100 people. they were locked inside as the flames spread. they say the fire department used bolt cutters to cut the locks and at least 1 is 2 --
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112 factory workers were trapped inside. three managers have been arrested from preventing people from escaping instead of helping them to get out. they are trying again to help them have their status upgraded. they are reporting from a washington d.c. newsroom, allison? >> reporter: palestinians leaders have secured broad support ahead of today's united nations general vote. palestinians celebrated as mahmoud abbas sought to seek status and palestinians see it is a significant move towards statehood but hillary rodham clinton warns it will undermind effort for peace talks with
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israel. >> it is a solution that fulfills the aspirations of the palestinians people is through jerusalem and not new york. >> reporter: it comes after 8 days of bloodshed between israel and hamas. it could certainly boost credibility with hamas but there will be a price for them. u.s. is threatening to cut off a half billion dollars in annual aid. reporting live allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in vallejo, it could be the work of an arsonist, and police are investigating two suspicious fires and that makes 6 in the last few weeks. it was at a mortgage business and just a half hour later another fire was called in. in the past two weeks, four other fires burned two homes
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and four businesses and they believe it is a transient to blame. >> i saw him actually sleeping where the fire was started. i am worried to death, i can tell you that. >> nobody has been hurt in any of the fires but vallejo police are having them to report any information about who may be responsible. another santa cruz county up mate has people concerned. he died from withdrawing from drug abuse in a detox sell. a private medical staff took over at the jail in september. jail leaders said care has improved. doctors and nurses are on actuality and they have afforded nurses more time to care for patients. and a government report shows guantanamo bay detention camp can be closed without hurting u.s. security. they say 166 people right now are being held there and they
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could be moved to federal prisons -- prisons throughout the u.s. there are others with no reports of security problems. today there is a job fair and it is just for military veterans. the recruit, military job fair begins at 11:00 this morning at the oakland coliseum. it runs until 3:00 this afternoon. crews from a lost employers, including ge, lows and amtrak will be there looking for new workers. veterans and new federal reserves are invited to attend. and san jose city hall includes 3 glass pedals that unfold on the outside revealing a series of years inside and it
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is a small scale version of a public art project. this is a winning tee sign asking them to use silicone technology but the proposed final sculpture would cost $20 million. there are reports that pro- football players are taking viagra to make them more athletic. how does it sound to you? or is it legal? that controversy is coming up at 6:24. tara is covering for sal, things are starting to get bad at the toll plaza? it is funny how things can change in a matter of minutes. let's look at the toll plaza, 10 minute wait into san francisco and up next, we have
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a live look through bay point and for westbound, tack on a couple of extra minutes and 237, near milpitas, it seems to be moving licely as you drive towards sunny veil, here is steve. cloudy and mild, coming in tonight into tomorrow, it has ramped up the temperatures 60 degrees for crying out loud. and for the morning commute, point north, mostly cloudy day today. it is almost a tropical feel. could be some rain coming back for the evening overall this trend is to come into tonight and late tomorrow morning but not this morning. our totals are almost two inches of rain and 1.6 5, and
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that's our observer, 1.6 0 and that jives. an inch and a half, there is an inch and three quarters and kent field had three quarters of an inch much rain. look how mild it is. even santa rosa is 57 and our next system is intense. you can see a good lineup there and that's all up in crescent city. it will take a lot to get here. really the main event is tonight and in between that there could be some light rain and with that south wind and the other higher elevations add an equal pattern so we are waiting for that rain to come into to the north bay and this is more of a north bay event and this santa cruz mountains and one more system saturday
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night into sunday. and haul let pack card, the lawsuit is going on claiming they all missed numerous red flags about accounting practices. they foal a 10 year low after the company announced a 9 billion-dollar write down on its acquisition of that company. out of a tragedy in cup company comes the story of a man who saved lives giving his own during a shooting rampage last year. and on the streets of new york, the mistake that led to the great escape. ,0
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. we have new details about a shooting that happened in cupertino. they issued a report on the shooting yesterday. it said he tried to tackle the gunman and save his co-workers but he was shot and killed. they say the gunman hid under a crawl space and when he came
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out deputies shot him but he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. professional football players are taking viagra to play better. >> i heard some guys taking viagra to play better seriously because of the blood... this comment raised a lot of questions and one doctor said it could help improve a player's performance. >> it could help in exercise tolerance. >> they say right now viagra is not ban. well you don't see this everyday, a zebra and pony running through the area after their owner left their enclosure open. the two follow each other everywhere so it's no surprise they ran off together. by the way the owner said he
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recently bought them for a petting zoo. 6:26, there has been quite a few problems all over the bay area. yes, it is starting to get very congested at the bay bridge toll plaza but so far so good, let's look outside. there is the bay bridge toll plaza and it is just as we said backed up on the left-hand side of your screen so give yourself some extra time and you can see traffic on the right-hand side bunching up towards the top portion of your screen southbound and give yourself a little bit of extra time. 6:26 let's check in with steve. it is really mild out there, temperatures about 60 for some, we have a strong south wind in advance, livermore is 57, a little
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cooler antioch and our next big event will be in the area tonight. overall today, mostly cloudy day, windy and mild, we will have some good totals up by the rushing river and we will have more totals coming up. steve has been talking about a little low but wet weather is headed our way and the flooding concerns are in the bay area. a man broke into a woman's home while she was sleeping. we will tell you what police are doing at that apartment complex and how the young woman is doing. we will tell you why stocks are headed higher today. hey, look! a shooting star!
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, you may recognize that woman. that will wake you up. she is there visiting because she is celebrating her show, happily divorced. >> it's a good show. >> returning to television land. it sounds funny. all right, we will give you all the business news and tell you why stocks are higher coming up in business news. we will smile and say good morning to you, it is thursday november 29th, i am dave clark. >> it's now 6:30. we have developing news and police say just hours ago a young woman woke up and found a strange man in her apartment. jeanine della vega is there with more on this police search, what do you know? >> reporter: well dave, police are at this apartment complex near downtown palo alto and they are talking to neighbors
6:32 am
to see if anybody heard anything and they are hoping this will help their investigation looking for a mail includer. at this point they received a 911 call at 2:30 a.m. and she told officers she was sleeping and woke up to find a man in dark clothing in her apartment. >> she screamed and he ran away, he fled the scene. she is currently safe with police officers, unharmed and that's the good news. >> the woman is back at the police department being interviewed and it's unknown if she was sexually assaulted but that's a possibility they are looking into. after they have finished upper viewing her they hope to have a
6:33 am
more details description. ktvu channel 2 morning news. police meantime they are investigating the shooting death of a man in a car. police went there after hearing gunshots. the victim was pronounced dead there at the scene and so far no arrests have been made. a second big storm will arrive in the bay area tonight. it is creating some serious flooding concerns. alex savage is already shot down this morning. >> i did talk with them and they say the highway remains closed although we have seen cars coming by here. the rain that blue through did some flood damage and left the roadway flooded although the water has reseeded as you can see this morning. there was so much standing water that came down from the
6:34 am
storm and certainly it was a hazard for drivers. one man we saw driving through this intersection and his car stalled out. the public works department is now rushing to get sandbags to flood prone areas of the city. they have more than 500 sandbags on standby for the next two systems rolling in over the next few days. they are especially concerned about flooding in a certain area because it flooded a couple of businesses in that area. it is a low-lying area and the water tends to pool. several more inches are on the way and business owners are concerned. one business owner said there was some confusion about when the city would have sandbags
6:35 am
available. >> it took two taser of phone calls. >> reporter: and if you want to get your hands on some of those free sandbags, they are available at the public works hard on caesar chavez and there is a limit of 10 bags per household. the national park service police tells us they do remain officially closed now. and there is no word on when it will reopen. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. slick roads caused a turnover, about 20 trees were either damaged or fell over during the rains in the city and despite the rain though, the santa clara water district didn't see much change. >> the more was try and now
6:36 am
that the frown is wet, it will bring more to the reservoir. they lost -- reservoirs. >> they lost power in the saratoga and los gatos area. power will be restored at 1:00 this afternoon. they have stand by crews to help people through the storms and they trucks are stocked up and every utility staff is on call. they are looking to help and assist and more information is available on our website. yesterday at least 90 flights were canceled and other flights were tee laid as much as three hours. if you are picking somebody up,
6:37 am
make sure you stay right here for up to the minute coverage and we will be here online and on your mobile device as well. we will know whether same sex marriages will be legal and they are making preparations in anticipation of a rush of marriages. they will hear from supporters of proposition 8. if the courts decide not to take on the case, they could be legal within a week or so, on the other hand, if they decide to take the case, that could tee lay a ruling until june. we tonight have a chance we
6:38 am
don't have powerball, coming up, when you might be able to play. tim geithner is trying to push negotiations forward on avoiding the fiscal cliff. he is due meet individually and he will talk about how to avoid a series of tax heights and spending cuts due to begin in january. he will do whatever it takes to get this done. also today, president barack obama will have lunch, prief at evaluately and the president said he would reach out but the president will talk about making the government work better. tartar is in for -- tara is in for sal castaneda today. in the northbound direction be aware of some problems and metering lights have been on
6:39 am
for about a half hour and you are looking at an extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco this morning. through lafayette, very slow towards orinda. look at those brake lights on the right-hand side of your screen, this is congested compared to yesterday and the day before, and folks headed out a little earlier. a little sluggish on the north hand side of your screen, let's check in with steve. it is on the mild side and he said this is like the pineapple express and we are getting a really strong wind. this is main lay cloudy -- mainly a cloudy morning and it is not cold at all. it is very mild with that south
6:40 am
winds. light rain will give way to heavy rain but not until tonight. some of the rain from yesterday, is not too bad for this time of year. west santa rosa went up into lake county and 58 in oakland, you get the idea it is on the mild side due that south wind and that is crescent city and that's really intense. this whole system will take awhile to get here. mendocino and sonoma county, but nothing too heavy until tonight. we could see about six inches of rain for the rushing river and mostly cloudy today. our cloud and rain forecast shows the rain never really
6:41 am
makes it. put the heavier wind will be there and then it slips through i will be doing the rain dance 60s on the mild side. rain tonight and tomorrow, a break saturday morning, rain saturday night into sunday and it will start to calm down monday, pam? we will tell you about which city the company plans to build in. and in oakland, look at this, 10 vehicles involved in a dumptruck crash, we have the details. plus the stalled big-rig in oakland is caughting some tee lays, we will have an update coming up. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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. cloudy windy day to the north, waiting for the system to come in, and we get a break late friday and the next system comes in late sunday. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, the bay area gets another big storm tonight and you heard what steve said.
6:45 am
it is closed because of standing water out there and the international mall water service said, rivers and creaks may flood by friday into the weekend. police in palo alto reportedly broke into a young woman's apartment just hours ago on hawthorn street. a young woman woke up screamed and the man ran away. students are worried about what they call chronic problems with emergency phones. they say the problem is mostly without door phones. a school spokesperson is blaming exposure to the weather and also wear and tear. the campus police are warning students should walk together in groups or ask for a campus escort. we have new information in our newsroom. that dumptruck crashed and take a look at the scene there. this happened just about an
6:46 am
hour ago, this is east 14th street. he tells us that the driver of the truck had some sort of sneezing fit. 10 cars were damaged, fortunately nobody was hurt. heading to the scene, he will have a live report and how this is affecting all the morning commute. actress lindsay lohan was arrested just hours ago in new york. she was arrested after hitting a woman in the face inside a new york city nightclub. leaving the police station this morning, she is facing charges of third degree a salt. it -- assault. it could trigger another probation violation. a man is in custody after a standoff which lasted almost 15 hours. it happened 20 miles south of the state capital. joseph corey was armed inside
6:47 am
that house. he was evicted on tuesday and when animal control arrived to remove pets, that officer was shot to death. and he was only grazed by gunfire. coming up, we will bring you a live report from the very latest from that scene. two military veterans and their wives are suing now. 4 military veterans were killed and more than a dozen were hurt when a parade went right into their float. they are sighting gross negligence. according to the san jose mercury news at interstate 280, the current buildings will be torn down and 2 new six story
6:48 am
office buildings will be built in addition to the ones in cupertino. they have currently leased space in sunny veil. two winners are sharing the biggest jackpot in powerball history. it was worth $579.9 million and those tickets were selling at a rate of 142 per minute. california was not one of them and a lot of people here from california drove there hoping to get lucky. the powerball may be coming to california soon. they told the commissioner they are negotiating for powerball in june and the teal is expected to be finalized when they meet today. if they give the okay,
6:49 am
officials will say powerball will be coming to a store by you april or sooner. >> and a significant alert has issued it in oakland. 880 northbound near the fruit veil exit, let's look at it, it is blurry and this is quite a distance. you can see the back up. it is causing gridlock near the exit and we are looking to get a better look. crews are trying to get it as the significant alert has been dash sig alert has been issued. any of yourself 'extra 15 minutes. it is a little low going as you make your way westbound.
6:50 am
very mild tropical feel, south winds out ahead of the system that is coming in tonight. that doesn't mean we can't get some light rain, but before this next system arrives, we have at least two more to go. one of our weather observers were looking out 10 or 15 days, and it goes out wet through mid- december. we'll see. there will be off and on rain taking us all the way to sun tie. it is intense from a squall. these are mid-pacific systems and they are not coming out of the gulf of alaska and the snow level has been very high as well. that level is very strong and way up to the north. there could be some light rain up towards mendocino and that will pick up tonight. same for northern sonoma and --
6:51 am
hillsboro windsor, some of this is a false return and there could be some light rain or midst or drizzle. this is our system for tonight, it is going to move rather slowly. it just sits there also into marin county it moves south but it will be a decent system. it will be mostly cloudy, rain moves back in, a break saturday morning, a break monday tuesday, pam? costco will spend $3 million and they want to make it ins case they don't approve a budget compromise. apple is not commenting. and fl1edl0ex is expecting the busiest day of the year.
6:52 am
they expect to deliver more than 2 million packages and they are crediting more online shopping. and another company is making it easier for social gamers to get into the spirit of giving. the san francisco bay company kicked off toys for to the and they are wanting to make virtual games for its customers. the price of a specialty cup of coffee is equivalent to an entire meal. why customers will have to pay a pretty penny for their new morning wake up.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, back above 13,000 for the dow jones industrial average and some optimism reaching an agreement over this fiscal cliff. pam 6:54 we have developing news from alameda county, 10 cars involved a crash, a dumptruck ploughed into them a couple of hours ago. brian flores is there on the scene, what are you looking at and what is the damage like? >> reporter: let me show you what we are looking at.
6:56 am
this is the truck that ploughed into 11 cars and you can see it is a dumptruck if you will that typically carries glass. the san mateo police department and alameda county, they are all actively trying to get it out of the road but from what he we know, the driver was driving about an hour ago when he had a sneeze attack, sneezing up to 3 times in a row. they tell us he sneezed multiple times and the next thing he knew, he ran into a car and the truck barreled into the car lot. the trucks may be damaged and here is more on what he had to say. >> he had a sneezing fit and unfortunately when you sneeze you clothes your eyes and what
6:57 am
happened was he may have turned his steering to the right which caused him to go into a parked vehicle. >> reporter: there is dylan to the front of the truck as you can imagine but we should mention there is a little bit of diesel fuel which leaked out on to the street but in terms of the driver we understand he was together okay and we understand this is teemed an accident, he will not be cited and luckily nobody else was hurt. live here in san leandro, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new movie about oscar grant is going to the sun dance festival. he was shot and killed in 2009. the movie stars oscar grants'
6:58 am
mom and begins in utah. it is very expensive and they are looking into a specialty coffee, it is made from a rare difficult to grow variety and this is available at only 46 locations in seattle. there is a mess in oakland and let's go right over to tara. they have decided to issue a sig alert and let's look from chopper 2 being you can see the tanker truck is right over the fruit veil exit and they are allowed to pass but you can see the gridlock is extending for miles. if you need get anywhere and take 880, i would advice taking 580 instead. let's go to steve. very mild with a south wind
6:59 am
fitting windy as well. the rain will make it a little tonight and there it is, it just may take awhile to get here. a frantic search for an intruder, what happened hours ago to a woman inside her apartment. and san jose campus, the reason students say the emergency phones are not making them feel safe. we will be right back.


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